New York State Dance Education Organization

NYSDEA One Day Intensive for Dance Educators

September 9, 2017

NYSDEA One Day Intensive for Dance Educators with Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and Functional Awareness


When: September 9, 10AM-5:30PM
Where:  NYU Steinhardt, 35 West 4th Street
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Class Descriptions


10am-1pm:  Understanding Dance Injuries and Wellness for the Dance Educator Harkness Center for Dance Injuries will present an evidence-based, three-hour workshop for dance educators on aspects of injury prevention from a pedagogical standpoint: how can we keep our students safe and healthy across ages, levels, dance disciplines, and quality of dance facilities? Specific topics to be covered include: precautions and training considerations for the adolescent dancer;debunking common training myths through functional biomechanics; assessing pointe readiness;  biopsychosocial considerations related to the incidence of dance injuries; teaching methods for career longevity; and self-care for teachers.The workshop will be  interactive in nature, including lecture, personal movement experience, and Q&A. 


2pm-5:30pm:  Honoring Individual Differences of the Pelvis: Functional Awareness® Strategies to Improve Stability and Resiliency of the Hip Joint 

This Functional Awareness® session employs a method of movement inquiry integrating embodied anatomy and reflective practice. This workshop offers movement explorations to discover the structure and function of the pelvis. Participants learn functional anatomy principles to differentiate between skeletal limitations and muscular factors governing turnout and learn skills to enhance movement potential within each dancers unique structure. Participants acquire useful cueing strategies to improve dynamic alignment, lateral rotation, and to facilitate efficiency in action.

Full day Intensive: Both Workshops
Half Day: Harkness - Understanding Dance Injuries 10am - 1:00pm
Half Day: Functional Anatomy - The Pelvis: 2pm - 5:30pm
Certificate of Completion: Can be used for NYS CTLE Credits
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