Photo credit: Susan Epstein

University at Buffalo MFA Dance Auditions

Thu Feb 1st, 2018 - 12:00AM

The University at Buffalo is accepting applications for the MFA in dance--emphasizing dance-making in an interdisciplinary environment. We offer close faculty mentorship, numerous opportunities to create and show work, and a comprehensive core curriculum.  Unique to the program is the secondary emphasis of the student's own choosing from wider university offerings. Competitive TA funding is available.

Our practice-based, creative-research oriented MFA program is designed for a diverse range of dance artists ranging from recent graduates to returning professionals. Students focus on embodied inquiry through choreographic creation and performance while engaging with practice and theory courses that emphasize the development of the whole artist—body and mind. Students take advantage of the dynamic range of robust curricular offerings at UB by devising an individualized secondary emphasis, such as new media, embodiment, anthropology, queer studies, visual studies, cognitive science, affect studies, somatics, ethnography, history, geography, architecture, robotics among others. By following a personalized sequence of study, together with their core courses, students create a research path that fits their interests, culminating in their MFA creative thesis project.

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