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From the President

Dear NYSDEA Members

As many of you know we held our Annual Winter Conference in February at which time we announced our Unified Slate for Board members and our new President Elect. This Unified Slate was presented to our membership for a vote. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of our Slate and we now have a new President-Elect, Kerrianne Cody. She will serve for 4 years. One year as President-Elect, under my tutelage, two years as President, and one year as Past President. In addition Cindy Hanna was voted on for a second 3-year term as National Honor Society Director. We had the largest voter turnout since I have been involved with the organization and it shows that our constituents are pleased with the direction that this board has taken us. I am thrilled with where we are headed and I am positive that under Kerrianne’s leadership NYSDEA will forge ahead into new and exciting directions and initiatives. Please join me in welcoming Kerrianne Cody as our new President-Elect and wishing her the very best as she embarks on this exciting path.

From the President Elect- Kerrianne Cody

As I begin this new journey as president elect, I wanted to take a moment to thank those who have encouraged and supported me every step of the way. To Deborah Damast, Andrew Jannetti and the rest of the NYSDEA board who nominated me for this position...Thank you for believing in my ability to lead. To our constituents who voted in favor of my appointment as President Elect, I hope to be the voice of our organization, your voice. Over the past few years I have served NYSDEA in roles varying from membership director, to NYSED support, each preparing me in a different capacity for the road ahead. I know I have much to learn over the next few months to further grasp all facets of NYSDEA’s impact & contributions to the field. I look forward to this new adventure and thank each of you for allowing me to serve such an incredible group of Dance Educators.