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National Honor Society For Dance Arts

Join us on Saturday, June 12th from 12:50pm-2:10pm for our very first virtual masterclass meet and greet!

New York’s National Honor Society for Dance Arts proudly presents this FREE opportunity for our high school honor society students. Our goal is to meet, dance and connect with our secondary chapters across the state of New York. Interested in starting a chapter? Email all inquiries to Christine Catalano at

On behalf of the NYSDEA board, a very special congratulations to Tyler Burden of Harrison High School for achieving the title of finalist for NDEO's 2021 Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award!

Tyler is also the recipient of our New York State award - an award that aligns with the standards of NDEO's national award, and is given at the state level. Congratulations Tyler, bravo! We are so proud of you and your artistic/academic accomplishments!

A Look back at NHSDA 2020 thus far...

Our New York, Jacqueline Boutilier from Infinity Dance Academy was the Honorable Mention for the 2020 NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award Recipient!

NHSDA builds a sense of belonging, which is a human need, especially needed during these unsettled times. At the NYSDEA winter conference 2020, The NHSDA members from Bronx Envision Academy under the tutelage of Christine Catalano spoke from the heart. Here are a few examples of a sense of belonging...

Daihana Gil Gonzalez
Daihana came to Bronx Envision Academy in 9th grade without the ability to speak English. She felt isolated and overwhelmed learning a new language while adjusting to living in a different country. Daihana quickly made supportive friends through her dance classes and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to express herself through movement instead of unfamiliar words. Over the course of three years, she excelled in both dance and her academic classes and was accepted into NHSDA her senior year. Being a member of NHSDA allowed her to further explore her passion for dance, engage in performance opportunities within the community and serve as a role model for younger dance students struggling with learning a new language. Daihana is currently fluent in both English and Spanish. She is thankful for her friendships, for her school's dance program, and for the recognition she received through Bronx Envision Academy's NHSDA Chapter.

Dashawn Cleckley
Dashawn was often the only male dancer in his 9th and 10th grade elective dance classes. During this time he collaborated with his peers to perform in several school concerts, promoted Bronx Envision Academy's dance program to other male students within the school and served as a model student leading class warm ups and creating group pieces in his senior year. After being accepted into NHSDA, he was recognized as being the first male dancer within Bronx Envision Academy's NHSDA Chapter. Dashawn is thankful for his membership in NHSDA, as this program allowed him to share his personal artistic process as a male dancer, to be an advocate for males in dance, and to become a mentor to 9th and 10th grade male students interested in exploring dance.

Lesly Geronimo
Lesly Geronimo is a graduate of Bronx Envision Academy and a current junior at Hunter College. She is a biochemistry major with a minor in both psychology and dance. Lesly continues to create, perform and share dance within the New York City dance community. She is thankful for having been a secondary chapter member of NHSDA, as she feels this opportunity provided her with the necessary skills and stamina needed for her to succeed in higher education. Lesly is still active within her high school's community and often returns to speak to 9th-12th dance classes, promoting interest and answering questions about her experience as a member. Lesly is thankful NHSDA has given her the opportunity to exercise strong leadership skills. She most recently represented Bronx Envision Academy's NHSDA Chapter a second time, by presenting as a college major along with high school seniors during the lunch hour at NYSDEA's 2020 Winter Conference.

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) is one of the most exciting programs NDEO offers to members teaching dance in any private or public middle or high school, dance school/academy, performing arts center, or community center with an active dance program serving students 11-18 years of age.

The primary goals of the NHSDA are:

  1. to promote and honor outstanding achievement in students 11-18 years of age studying dance;
  2. to encourage well-rounded young dance artists to be leaders in their communities; and
  3. to identify honor students of junior and senior high school age for nomination to the National Dance Education Organization's Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award, one of the highest honors programs in the United States.

The role of the NDEO State Affiliate is critical in the implementation of NHSDA in that it serves as the primary point of contact with the Chapter Sponsors within the state. The State Affiliate's responsibilities include:

There have been several recent changes to the changes of NHSDA. Essentially, everything is done through a centralized website now. Schools can start chapters and induct students simply by visiting There is now also a junior division in addition to secondary and collegiate for junior high/middle school students.

Please reference the following set of instructions for using the new website!