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Dear NYSDEA members,

With the magnitude of world events that continue to plague our communities across the state in our hearts and minds, I write to you on behalf of the NYSDEA Board and NYS Arts Professional Associations. We stand Unified with you.

The nys arts education community stands with those

Statement of Social Justice – as per NYSDEA Bylaws The NYSDEA actively promotes respect for and value of human diversity within its membership and professions of dance. In recognition of this basic tenet, the NYSDEA prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, and veteran status relative to participation in, access to or content of its programs, activities and publications. The NYSDEA shall not make, condone nor tolerate remarks or inferences which reflect disrespect, harassment or discrimination against individuals or groups.

The National Dance Education Organization Statement: NDEO Statement: Black Lives Matter

To learn more about what you can do to stand up for Social Justice please access the NYSDEA Resource "Black Lives Matter" This document includes books, online resources, inclusive online groups and platforms, as well as ways to advocate for Action!  Save the Date: Dance Magazine's Call to Action Juneteenth #JUNETEENTHDANCEBREAK #NOJUSTICENODANCE

As COVID-19 continues to affect the Dance community the NYSDEA has created a helpful "go to" resource with the latest information. This is a living document that continues to be updated as we evolve from week to week. We ask that you check back regularly to remain in the know. COVID-19 Resources Document Included in this document are briefs on relief funds, NYSCA updates, the COVID-19 Survey, Contract Tracing/ Employment, and much more! Additional advocacy information can be found in the NYS Arts Associations 2020 Unified Covid 19 Advocacy Document

Stay Engaged, Get Support, Advocate & Organize, a Resource Document available through Gibney Dance which includes Mental Health Safety Resources.

#ArtistsAreNecessaryWorkers Campaign Video 2020 | Dance/NYC

Lastly, transitioning into the future of Dance Education, The NYSDEA would like to provide our membership with as many Remote Learning Supports as possible. We will remain resilient as we conquer whatever comes our way.

The above document lists organizations, resources, access to technology/ internet, that will be useful in the months ahead. If you would like to contribute to this living document please send correspondence to

From the New York State Education Department: New Arts Standard Professional Development Resources releasedThe Office of Curriculum and Instruction has released new discipline specific Arts Standard Professional Development documents that include:

Look out for our Call for Proposals for our 2020-2021 Online Professional Development Series, coming soon!  Thank you for continuing to have confidence in the Mission & Vision of NYSDEA. It is my hope that through Dance, together we will inspire change and build a better future.

Sending Love and Gratitude,
Kerrianne Cody
NYSDEA President

Hello NYSDEA Membership

With a heavy heart I write to you with membership updates. Please know the NYSDEA board is working diligently to continue the work and mission of the organization. We are here to support you, our members, during this challenging time. For inquiries please email and a NYSDEA board member will be in touch. 


Our NHSDA student event which was scheduled for May 3rd, 2020 at Gibney Dance is postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. 

Call for Awards- Please continue to check eblasts and visit the NYSDEA website for the upcoming call for Awards to attend the Annual NDEO Conference, October 18-20, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. 

For remote learning support please visit: 

NYSED DanceEducation Resources & Standards

SEADAE Arts Resources: Arts Resources organized by discipline and grade level
Arts Education Partnership Resources: Resources for the field

NDEO online forums

Updates from NYSED: 

NYSED COVID-19 Webpage: P12 Guidance, Continuity of Learning, Additional Guidance.

NYSED Guidance for Educator Preparation Programs:  Higher Education 
AP Updates 
IB Updates
List of RICS Statewide: List of RICS and support being offered during COVID-19 

As further updates are available from NYSED and the field NYSDEA will make that information available to the membership. Thank you for continuing to be there for your communities, students, colleagues, and families. Your strength and passion continue to inspire me. 

Kerrianne Cody 
NYSDEA President 

A message from the President -
The Benefits of being a NYSDEA member.

Ever wonder what NYSDEA does for YOU? The New York State Dance Education Association is composed of  Dance Educators from P-12, Higher Education, Private Studios, Arts Organizations, Cultural Institutions, Researchers, Vendors, Service Organizations, Administrators, Parents, and Students.

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