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Teaching Artist Assistants/Trainees

Hello! We are looking for Teaching Artist Assistants/Trainees who have engaging and entertaining personalities and possess a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of young people by connecting with each of them in a respectful, equitable way with their classmates/peers.

BALLROOM BASIX (BBX), an arts-in-education initiative is dedicated to nurturing the social, emotional and physical well-being of schoolchildren, transforming the landscape of  the classroom through instilling values of kindness, cooperation, camaraderie, inclusion, self-esteem, courtesy and respect in our young students through the joy of dance. Through dance, our Teaching Artists help provide the opportunity for connection, self-expression, validation and joyfulness inherent in the shared experience of dancing, which can truly make a difference in young children’s lives,  and by extension, their families and communities. We’ve been serving students in NYC for over 10 years, and we are entering our most exciting year ever.

As a new Teaching Artist Assistant/Teaching Artist trainee, you’ll work with an experienced Teaching Artist to learn our curriculum. In the classroom, along with demonstrating dancing, you'll provide in-class support for the students with the Senior/Lead Teaching Artist. Through dance, we share concepts of courtesy, teamwork, camaraderie, respect, and consent. In our non-competitive program, we strive to provide a space for inclusion and equity. Our classes also include cultural information about the dances to enhance the students' connection with their and others cultures. Through dance we strive to provide a greater sense of resilience, poise, interpersonal connection, compassion, improved communication and self-confidence to every student.


We have school day and after-school part-time opportunities available. Flexibility in scheduling is a plus, but you are asked to commit to the specific times and dates of your assigned Residencies for the semester. We expect Teaching Artists and trainees to be punctual, high energy, creative, charismatic and have the ability to work well with and inspire kids in 3rd - 9th grades.

Needed: Some partner dancing experience is preferable but not mandatory. Acting, dancing, teaching, and/or performing arts experience— plus a pleasant and vibrant personality — are essential. Memorizing and learning our syllabus is part of the training process. Comfort with traveling by NYC subway and bus is needed.  

We provide paid training. Upon the offer for Teaching Artist Assistant/Trainee, we ask you to commit to a 3-4 month training period (part-time during school hours); the number of hours will be mutually agreed upon.  We offer competitive training rates and Teaching Artist rates.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we wear masks, follow social distancing rules and have modified our dances. We follow NY State, CDC and NYC requirements for safety.  All Teaching Artists must be vaccinated.

We'd love for you to join us in teaching schoolchildren the "basix" of Ballroom & Latin partner dancing non-competitively — with an emphasis on fun, good manners, caring, and acceptance. To apply and learn more about BALLROOM BASIX, please send your resume, and a brief cover letter to:

 info at

Thank you!  We look forward to meeting you!

Address 178 E. 117 Street

City New York

State NY

Zip code 10035

Country US

Contact name Sidney Grant

Contact email

Due date 2/01/22

Age range:

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